AUN-SCUD Webinar 2021 “Sustainable Campus Development”


Tuesday, 05/10/2021

ASEAN University Network for Sustainable Cities and Urban Development (AUN-SCUD) has held a webinar with the theme Sustainable Campus Development on Thursday, September 30, 2021. In this webinar, the theme discussed is sustainable development in the context of campus development by inviting UIGreenMetric hosts webinar events. The speakers in this webinar are Prof. Dr. Riri Fitri Sari, M.Sc., MM., Chair of UI GreenMetric and Dr. Nyoman Suwartha, ST, MT, M.Agr., Vice Chair of UI GreenMetric.

At this event, the keynote speaker explained how to develop a technically sustainable campus, as a form of investment towards a sustainable university future in terms of business sector growth, improving communication efficiency, and optimizing decision-making. Included that have been discussed in this webinar are the parameters that affect the level of sustainability of the University. This major shift in understanding will affect all campus development practices, from the resources sector to the market behavior subsector in academia.

Prof. Riri as the chairman of UIGreen metrics explained that “UI Greenmetric aims to encourage universities to become sustainable universities. For this reason, UI Greenmetric provides services related to sustainability. Six categories of indicators will become parameters to improve the sustainability of campus development. UI Greenmetric not only aims to find out the rankings, but also encourages collaboration and maximum use of technology to achieve a sustainable campus together. Meanwhile, Dr. Nyoman explained that the 6 categories that affect the sustainability of the campus are Settings and Infrastructure; Energy and Climate Change; Waste; Water; Transport; Education and Research.”