1st Term of Parallel Sessions
Symposia 1
Room 1 Js Luwansa
Session Chair: Ayomi Dita Rarasati, ST., MT
No Paper ID Authors Title Time
1 52 Dinda Lutfiyah and Herlily Participatory In Kampung’s Co-Housing Development: Learning From Kampung Muka, North Jakarta 13.50 – 14.00
2 2 Asyrafinafilah Hasanawi and Haryo Winarso Residential Mobility and Housing Career in Indonesia (Case Study Bandung City) 14.00 – 14.10
3 3 Treechart Loakaewnoo Modified Sieve Analysis For Site Selection Of Housing Development Project In Thailand And Malaysia Border Trade Areas 14.10 – 14.20
4 4 Andy Malik, Roos Akbar, Maryati Sri and Petrus Natalivan Retrace the meaning of public space as social space through the perception of the urban community Case Study : Pendawa Park, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia 14.20 – 14.30
5 10 Junainah Abu Kasim, Mohd Johari Mohd Yusof and Helmi Zulhaidi Mohd Shafri The Many Benefits of Urban Green Spaces 14.30 – 14.40
6 20 Zeyad Amin Abdo Al-Absi Adaptive Behavior Of Residents For Thermal Comfort In High Rise Residential Building In Malaysia. Case Study 14.40 – 14.50
7 62 Amir Ebn Sharif and Tanjina Khan Built Form, Adjacent Soft Edge & Place Attachment In Mix Mode Neighborhood Of Dhaka 14.50 – 15.00
8 11 Firdaus Ali, Dwi Lintang Lestari, Marsya Dyasthi Putri and Mario Yehuda Identification of Characteristics and Patterns of Clean Water Consumption at The Household Scale 15.00 – 15.10
9 17 Piyaporn Oramut and Opor Chaisangapong The Relationship Of Life Style And Vernacular House For Panatung Subdistrict, Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung Province, Thailand 15.10 – 15.20
10 22 Woerjantari Kartidjo Soedarsono, Nadya Victoryka, Hadi Ilhami Immanullah and Raden Agung Yogaswara Transformation of Land Use and Character in Historical Residential Corridor Areas of Senopati Street – Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta and Progo Street, Bandung within the Urban Conservation Context 15.20 – 15.30
1st Term of Parallel Sessions
Symposia 2
Room 2 Js Luwansa
Session Chair: TBA
No Paper ID Authors Title Time
1 5 Hadeer Khalil, Ehab Kandil and Hatem El-Tawil The Adaptive Protection Strategies For Each Type Of Torrential Rain Flooding 13.50 – 14.00
2 18 Fahmi Hermawan, Shabrina Arika Zahra and Henita Rahmayanti Potential Disaster At Integrated Waste Treatment Plant (Tpst) In Bantargebang Bekasi City 14.00 – 14.10
3 12 Firdaus Ali, Dwi Lintang Lestari, Marsya Dyasthi Putri and Mario Yehuda Optimization of Water Resources Management of Depok City with Water Stress Index and SWOT Analysis 14.10 – 14.20
4 26 Chunhong Xia and Yan Li Study on Evaluation of Ecological Construction in Kunming 14.20 – 14.30
5 31 Deni Daniel and Palupi Habsari Informational Asymmetry In Public Participation On Environmental Monitoring In Indonesian Regulation: A Preliminary Discourse 14.30 – 14.40
6 50 Sarah Luziani and Beta Paramita Objectivity Assessment Land Ecological Enchanchement Category GREENSHIP Neighborhood Version 1.0 On The Design Of Central Business District 14.40 – 14.50
7 1 Niluh Widyaningsih Household Waste Management in the Urban Area (Case Study: Setia Asih Village, Kec. Tarumajaya, Bekasi) 14.50 – 15.00
8 59 Eny Kusrini and Volkan Degirmenci Production of Pyrolysis-oil from Co-firing High-Density Polyethylene Plastic Waste and Palm Empty Fruit Bunches 15.00 – 15.10
9 21 Malida Magista, Bella Lexmita Dorra and Yoke Pean Thye A review of the applicability of gamification and game-based learning to improve household level waste management practices among schoolchildren 15.10 – 15.20
10 34 Anggana Fitri Satwikasari, Luqmanul Hakim and Lutfi Prayogi Enhancing Thermal Environment Quality With Void And Indoor Garden As Passive Design Strategy Towards Sustainable And Healthy Living. 15.20 – 15.30
2nd Term of Parallel Sessions
Symposia 3
Room 1 Js Luwansa
Session Chair: Dr. Zulkarnain
No Paper ID Authors Title Time
1 25 Benjamin Casper Renewable Energy Infrastructure: A trigger for urban transformation? 15.50 – 16.00
2 32 Hariyotejo Pujowidodo, Ahmad Indra Siswantara and Budiarso Budiarso Simulations Of Bio-Micro High Power Density Power Generation System For Zero Energy Building 16.20 – 16.30
3 48 Agust Danang Ismoyo, Joice Sandra Sari and Nurul Wulandari Designing Process Of Efficient Lighting For Field Of Play At Aquatic Stadium – Gbk For Asian Games XVIII 16.10 – 16.20
4 65 Novi Triadi Iman Bramono, Amy Kim and Mohammed Ali Berawi A Preliminary Framework for Expediting Energy Efficiency Retrofits (EERs) Using Incentives as an Alternative Financing in Indonesian Cities 16.20 – 16.30
5 33 Gun Gun R Gunadi, Ahmad Indra Siswantara and Budiarso Study Of Turbulence Models Application In Air Flow Of Crossflow Turbine 16.30 – 16.40
6 46 Mohammed Ali Berawi and Andra Irawan Gross Split System Optimization to Improve Oil and Gas Investment in Indonesia 16.40 – 16.50
7 7 Prince Antwi-Afari, De-Graft Owusu-Manu, Erika Parn and Prof. Dave Edwards Exploratory Investigation Of Challenges And Expectations Of Innovating Quantity Surveyors And Quantity Surveying Firms In Ghana 16.50 – 17.00
8 13 Firdaus Ali, Dwi Lintang Lestari, Marsya Dyasthi Putri and Mario Yehuda Green City Development Concept Pilot Project in Serpong Urban Residential 17.00 – 17.10
9 16 Dat Tien Doan, Ali Ghaffarianhoseini, Nicola Naismith, Tongrui Zhang, John Tookey and Amirhosein Ghaffarianhoseini Examining The Relationship Between Bim And Green Star 17.10 – 17.20
10 19 Zeyad Amin Al-Absi, Mohd Hafizal Mohd Isa and Mazran Ismail Preliminary Study For The Possibility Of Passive Application Of Phase Change Materials (Pcms) For Buildings In Hot Humid Climate, Malaysia 17.20 – 17.30
11 24 Hani Mardhotillah and Ahmad Gamal Segregation And Gentrification On Informal Settlement In The City Center 17.30 – 17.40
2nd Term of Parallel Sessions
Symposia 4
Room 2 Js Luwansa
Session Chair: TBA
No Paper ID Authors Title Time
1 6 Chairul Mubin Modelling the Effect of Infrastructure Development Acceleration to Sustainable Economic Growth in Indonesia 15.50 – 16.00
2 9 Erwin Saraswati Sustainability Disclosure-Banking: Literature Review 16.20 – 16.30
3 43 Heidy Octaviani Rachman and Lita Sari Barus The Surplus Effect Of Car Free Day (Case: Cfd Sudirman-Thamrin) 16.10 – 16.20
4 47 Duy Chandina Sustainable Economy 16.20 – 16.30
5 63 Nurussaadah Mokhtar and Melasutra Md Dali LA21 As A Public Sphere: Evaluating The Synergy Of Partnership And Participation 16.30 – 16.40
6 15 Patrycja-Jadwiga Sankowska Smart Government – European approach towards building sustainable and secure cities of tomorrow 16.40 – 16.50
7 36 Mohammed Ali Berawi and Kahfi Kurnia Prediction Modeling Analysis Of Land Value Using Hedonic Price Modeling 16.50 – 17.00
8 38 Mohammed Ali Berawi and Asifa Nabila PPP And Life Cycle Cost Analysis Of Walini Urban Area Development As Techonology Park City 17.00 – 17.10
9 39 Erdiani Erwandi Permeable Industry Settlement – Kampung Wisata (Urban Tourism Village) Batik Laweyan Revitalization : Setono Batik Joint Outlet 17.10 – 17.20
10 51 Adipati Rahmat Gumelar Building Coastal Resilience: The Role of Resilience Capacity on a Build Environment for the people of Kampung Garapan 17.20 – 17.30
11 57 Mohammed Ali Berawi, Bernard Elpetino Ibrahim and Gunawan Conceptual Plan Development For Indonesian TOD Projects 17.30 – 17.40
2nd Term of Parallel Sessions
Symposia 5
HallroomJs Luwansa Hallroom
Session Chair: TBA
No Paper ID Authors Title Time
1 8 Noor Hasharina Hassan and Gabriel Yit Vui Yong Leaving the Flat Earth Behind: A Sustainable Transport Design Concept 15.50 – 16.00
2 14 Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh, Priana Sudjonoa and Gilang Trisna Kusuma Conservative Solute Transport From Soil Through Overland Flow On Steep Sloped Area 16.20 – 16.30
3 23 Amanda Devina Sihombing and Ahmad Gamal Uneven Development and Circular Causation 16.10 – 16.20
4 27 Xiong He, Zijiang Yang, Kun Zhang, Ping Yang, and Shuai Zhang Study on The Spatial Distribution Pattern of The Catering Trade in Nanchang Based on The Internet Public Praise 16.20 – 16.30
5 28 Mohammed Ali Berawi, Fuad Adrian Iskandar and Gunawan Maximizing Rail Transit Ridership with Transit-Oriented Development: A Linear Programming Approach 16.30 – 16.40
6 41 Annisa Zahra and Herlily Herlily Reclaiming Street For Pedestrian As Sustainable City Approach 16.40 – 16.50
7 44 Van Basten, Mohammed Ali Berawi, Yusuf Latief and Igor Crévits Building Incentive Structure In The Context Of Green Building Implementation: From The Local Government Perspective 16.50 – 17.00
8 49 Lutfi Prayogi and Anggana Fitri Satwikasari Bus Rapid Transit-Oriented Development: An Identification Of Bus Rapid Transit System Passengers’ Modal Shift Potential Considerations 17.00 – 17.10
9 53 Salsabila Andara Siskania Alyani and Herlily The Sense of Place in Community Participation through Tactical Urbanism in Bundaran HI, Jakarta 17.10 – 17.20
10 60 Mohammed Albattah, Paul Goodrum and Tim Taylor. A New Metric To Determine Current Skills Availability In The Construction Industry 17.20 – 17.30
11 61 Yan Li, Chunhong Xia and Ruiliang Li Research on coordination development of urbanization and ecological environment based on coupling model:a case study in China 17.30 – 17.40